WARFAZE Band in Bangladesh

WARFAZE Band in Bangladesh

top 10 band in Bangladesh Warfaze

Warfaze is another popular top band in Bangladesh in 2022. They are familiar as the “Pioneer Heavy Metal Band of Bangladesh”. Warfaze started their journey in 1984. Guitarist Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal formed Hard Rock band Warfaze. Moreover, they released many popular albums till now. They released seven studio albums and one compilation album. Note that, Warfaze’s most-viewed song is “Purnota”. Some other remarkable songs of this band are “Joto Dure”, “Tomake”. Since 1991, they started to cover Bangla song. Before that, they sang an English song. Moreover, they released mixed albums. Besides, it has experimented with various sub-genres of hard rock and heavy metal. They adapted the styles of fast arpeggios, sweep picking, neoclassical metal.

The band has been consistently cited as an inspiration. Most active heavy metal artists of the band used to play cover versions of bands. Such as Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and Dokken. Indeed, it is a unique band among the Bangladeshi band name list. However, their records Labels are G-Series, Sargam, Ektaar Music Ltd. It is the 3rd number band among the top 10 band in Bangladesh.

Albums Year
Warfaze 1991
Obaak Valobasha 1994
Jibon Dhara 1997
Oshamajik 1998
Aalo 2001
Moharaj 2003
Poth Chola 2008
Shotto 2012

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