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At present, there are 36 TV channels in Bangladesh. Most of the TV channels are private. Here you can get the list of all Television channels in Bangladesh. TV is one of the most popular means of entertainment in our everyday lives. Earlier, people only watched BTV. But now people like to watch different TV channels. The broadcasting of TV channels is increasing day by day. The top 10 TV channel in Bangladesh in 2022 is given below:

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Independent TV is a top news channel in Bangladesh. It broadcasts news to the viewers 24 hours a day. A famous company Beximco is the owner of this private TV channel. However, they launched their journey on 20th October 2010. Its studio is in Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka. Independent TV broadcast news updates. Besides, this news channel broadcasts talk shows, sports, and business programs. Usually, it covers talk shows on politics. Ajker Bangladesh is one of the popular talk shows on this channel. But, Taalash is one of the most popular TV shows on Independent TV. Remember, this program’s objective is to highlight the various crime of society. However, Rat 9 tar Bangladesh is the most viewed program. Joto Khela is one of the popular sports news programs in Independent News. Moreover, it provides some documentary content.

It comprises the latest and updated national and international news. In addition, it coverages entertainment. Television programs are also available to download on the Independent News Website. It is a channel that broadcasts both international and country news. Most importantly, this channel uses Bangabandhu 1 satellite. It is in 1st position in the list of TV channels in Bangladesh in 2022.

Phone: 09609-100200, +88-02-8879089
Independent TV YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page: https: //
Independent TV Live:
Established: 2010
Address: Beximco Media Complex, 149-150, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh.

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#2 ETV:

Ekushey Television is familiar with the name “ETV.” It is the top TV channel in Bangladesh. Note that ETV is the first private TV channel in Bangladesh. Firstly, it launched telecasting both international and national news. The establishment date is 14th April 2000. Due to some problems, ETV was off-air from 2002 to 2005. Afterward, it again restarted the journey from 14th April 2005. Ekushey Television gets to broadcast in North America and the Middle East. Anyone can watch this channel online from any corner of the world. ETV location is at 10 Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, 1215. The motto of this channel is “Poribortone Ongikarboddho.” However, it stands with the meaning “Committed to Change.” Indeed, it is the best TV channel in Bangladesh. “Ekusheyr Dupur” is one of the oldest programs on this channel. “Atop Ami” is one of the famous shows on ETV.

Especially, celebrities and renowned people come here. It telecasts from Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. There are several broadcasting programs talk shows on this channel. Also, it reveals Drama, News, Children’s News, Live Concert, Special talk show with the specialized topic. Moreover, it broadcasts documentaries, children’s shows, exploring culture, landscapes, and history-driven shows. Ekusher Sondha, Ekusher Dupur, Ekusher Sokal Ekusher Chokh are famous TV shows on ETV. People consider it the top TV channel in Bangladesh in 2022 due to its innovative programs. ETV broadcasts business news from 10 am to 2:30 pm during the trading hours in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. It is in 2nd position among the Top 10 TV Channel in Bangladesh in 2022.

Phone: +88028189905, 02-8189910
Ekushey Television YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
ETV Live: https: //
Established: 14 April 2000
Address: Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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#3 NTV:

NTV was established in 2003. It is another top TV channel in Bangladesh. It is a Bengali language satellite television channel. Musaddek Hossain Falu is the owner of NTV. Note that he is a famous businessman and talented politician. He was Vice-President of “Bangladesh Nationalist Party.” Most importantly, people consider him the pioneer of private TV channels. NTV telecasts varieties of attractive programs. For instance, it telecasts Health shows and religious programs. However, one popular reality show was “Close Up – Tomakei Khujche Bangladesh.” NTV’s main Bangla slogan is “Shomoyer Shathe Agamir Pothe.” It stands “Towards the future with time.” However, it has taken the initiative to develop its website. o.

NTV online has started elaborately so that people can get updated latest news. In addition, they broadcast many programs like dramas, political shows. Usually, NTV is an entertainment-based TV channel. It is the 3rd number channel among Bangladesh’s Top 10 TV Channel in 2022.

Phone: +88029143381, +88029143382
NTV YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
NTV Live: https: //
Established: 2003
Address: BSEC Building (6th Floor), 102, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar.

GTV Image of Gazi Television

#4 GTV:

GTV is commonly known as Gazi Television. It is a digital cable best TV channel in Bangladesh. Gazi TV was established On 12 June 2012. Golam Dastagir Gazi is the chairman of this channel. Moreover, he is the director of the Gazi Group. GTV has broadcasted different TV programs like talk shows and movies from the beginning. Also, it publishes sports and news. Primarily, this channel is famous for cricket live programs. In 2014, GTV bought television broadcasting right from BCB. It costs them 1.56 billion Taka (US$18 million) for six years. Also, they purchased broadcasting rights of BPL from BCB in 2016. GTV transmitted from Segun Bagicha in Dhaka. Currently, Gazi TV is using Bangabandhu 1 satellite.

It is one of the renowned TV Channels in Bangladesh. However, this TV channel is famous for broadcasting sports. It telecasts varieties of shows for the spectators. If you are searching for “Bangladesh top news channel,” then GTV is the best TV channel in BD.

Phone: +88 02 8391021-5
GTV YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
GTV Live:
Established: 2012
Address: UCEP Cheyne Tower, 25 Shegun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000.

top 10 TV channel in Bangladesh Somoy Television


Somoy Television is a news-based TV channel in Bangladesh. All programs are news-related. This channel launched its journey on 17th April 2011. But, the Somoy Television channel got popularity quickly. People can get news at any time from anywhere. Somoy Television’s unique show is ‘’News Bulletin”. Moreover, they provide live notice. Most importantly, Somoy TV has a target. They want to make Bangladesh a better place. Therefore, they aim to air authentic information. “Shompadokiyo” is the most viewed show on Somoy Television. Besides, “Somoy Songlap” is a successful-watched show on this channel. SOMOY TV BULLETIN is another most-watched show. Somoy Television’s location is 89, Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Banglamotor, Bangladesh. Although, they have nine Bureau Offices in the whole of Bangladesh. However, they have talented correspondents in almost 56 districts. They aim to give helpful information to people.

Moreover, its broadcast area is worldwide. Anyone can get the latest updates on www. some news. Tv. However, it is a 24-hour Bengali television channel in Bangladesh. Alongside, Somoy Television is very popular for a talk show. Somoy Television got permission a broadcast NOC license from the BD government. Afterward, a test happened on 10 October 2010. So, it has been on-air since 2011. Somoy TV used satellite Bangabandhu-1. Remember, it is the 1st satellite of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited operates it. “Somoyer Proyojone Somoy” is the slogan of Somoy TV. It is in 5th position in Bangladesh’s top 10 TV channels in 2022.

Phone: +88029670058
Somoy Television YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
Somoy TV Live:
Established: 2011
Address: Nasir Trade Centre, Level-9, 89, Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Bangladesh.

top 10 TV channel in Bangladesh ATN Bangla


ATN Bangla started as TV on 16th July 1997. The chairman of this channel is Mahfuzur Rahman. He is a very famous person in Bangladesh. ATN News is also his channel. Besides, updated news is telecast every hour on this channel. The studio of ATN Bangla location is in Dhaka. The programs broadcast from this place. ATN Bangla is very because it is the first satellite-based TV channel in Bangladesh. Moreover, it transmits in the whole world. Since 1997, its popularity has been increasing. It’s trendy because of telecasting unique talk shows and outstanding dramas. Remember, ATN is a digital cable television channel. However, the track provides a variety of programs. The programs are updated news, unique dramas, contemporary talk shows. The channel started broadcasting in South Asia in 1997. However, they published several Bengali and English news.

Their news program names are Prime News, News Hour, News Now, News Update, News Now, News at Seven, Breakfast News. Indeed, it will be the best TV channel in Bangladesh in 2022. Note that ATN Bangla is one of the oldest TV channels in Bangladesh. After all, it is in 6th position in the list of top 10 TV channels in Bangladesh.

Phone: +8802-8189630-33, +8802-9139758-60
ATN Bangla YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
ATN Bangla Live:
Established: 1997
Address: WASA Bhaban, 1st Floor, 98 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar.

top 10 TV channel in Bangladesh Channel I


The famous “Channel I” launched its journey on 1st October 1999. Impress Group is the owner of this channel. This channel’s popularity is rising day by day. Currently, it’s aired in numerous areas of the whole world. These countries are Canada, the UK, the US, and Asia. MD. Faridur Reza Sagor is Chairman in this Channel. The location is 40, Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208. Everyone can watch their shows online at Their slogan is “Hridoye Bangladesh.” It stands ‘Bangladesh in Heart.’ Moreover, it is simply known as the first digital channel. Firstly, the popular channel telecast programs for 12 hours. After two years, they started to telecast 24 hours. It transmits several programs. Their aim people can enjoy these programs. “Hridoye Mati o Manush” is one of the famous programs. Incredibly, this program is organized for farmers. Shaikh Siraj conducts this show.

This channel operates some unique reality shows. It is another Bangladesh top news channel. Most importantly, it uses Bangabandhu 1 satellite for TV shows. It is in the 7th position in the list of the best TV channel in Bangladesh in 2022.

Phone: +8802889160, 8891161-65
Channel I YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
Channel I Live:
Established: 1999
Address: 40, Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon I/A, Bangladesh.

top 10 TV channel in Bangladesh Bangla Vision


Bangla Vision started its transmission in 2006. Shyamal Bangla Media Ltd is the owner of the Bangla Vision TV channel. The previous name of this channel was Zee TV Bangladesh. Afterward, it converted to Bangla Vision. “Drishti Jure desh” is their slogan. It is a satellite TV channel that broadcast from Dhaka. Surprisingly, they provide breaking news by SMS. However, it is the first-ever SMS news service in Bangladesh. Bangla Vision is very famous to people because it broadcasts funny dramas. Although, some unique dramas are more popular. But, the viewers wait for the memorable dramas for the whole year. Bangla Vision’s website address is www. Bangla vision. Tv. Everyone can visit their online site to get entertainment anytime. Generally, it is full of entertainment-based TV channels. Amader Rannaghor is the most-watched show on the Bangla Vision TV channel.

Some popular show names are Soundorjer Kotha, Amar ami. Moner Kotha is also another popular program. However, Bangla Vision uses ‘Apstar 7’ satellites for its TV shows. It is ranking in 8th position among the Top 10 TV Channel in Bangladesh in 2022.

Phone: 88-02-9632030-45
Bangla Vision YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
Banglavision TV Live:
Established: 2006
Address: Noor Tower,110 Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road Dhaka-1205.

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#9 RTV:

RTV will be a famous private TV channel in Bangladesh in 2022. It launched its journey on 26 December 2005. Bangla Television Corporation Limited is the owner of this channel. “Aaj ebony Agamir” is their motto. Note that it means “Of today’s and tomorrow’s.” KEMON BANGLADESH CHAI is one of the famous talk show on the RTV channel. The location is in BSEC BHABAN, Karwan Bazar, Bangladesh. However, their official web address is Indeed, it will be another top Television channel in Bangladesh in 2022. RTV telecasts a significant number of talk shows, dramas, and news. Viewers wait to watch attractive dramas.

They bring a great variety to every program. Their Talk shows are unique and more popular. Moreover, RTV telecast news in the whole world. It is the 9th-number channel among Bangladesh’s Top 10 TV Channel in 2022.

Phone: +880-2-55013511-15
RTV YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
RTV Live:
Established: 2005
Address: BSEC BHABAN, Karwan Bazar, Bangladesh.

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#10 BTV:

Bangladesh Television is familiar with BTV. It is the first broadcaster in whole Bangladesh. Since the Pakistan period, all programs have been active. However, its previous name was “Pakistan Television.” Then, it was renamed ‘’Bangladesh Television” in 1971. Pakistan Television started broadcasting in 1964. The location of BTV is in Rampura, Dhaka. BTV website is Website: Since 2004, “BTV World” has added its sister channel. It broadcasts worldwide. About 2 million people watch BTV. The Government of Bangladesh is the owner of this TV channel. “Ittyadi” is one of the popular shows on this channel. “Nutun Kuri” was another popular program of BTV. However, it is the oldest program of BTV.

“Sisimpur” is a child-based program. BTV translated programs are “Hercules,” “Mowgli,” “Samurai X.” Also, it shows “Alif Laila,” “Godzilla.” It got massive popularity from the translated TV show. It is in 10th position in the list of top 10 TV channels in Bangladesh in 2022.

Phone: 55131921-9
YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
BTV Live:
Established: 1964
Address: Rampura, Dhaka.


Position TV Name
1 Independent TV
5 Somoy Television
6 ATN Bangla
7 Channel I
8 Bangla Vision
10 BTV
11 My TV
12 Channel 24
13 Nagorik TV
14 ATN News
15 Maasranga Tv
16 Mohona TV
17 News 24
19 Asian TV
20 Deep TV
21 Jamuna TV
22 Boishakhi TV
23 BBC News
24 Ekattor TV
25 Channel 9
26 Gaan Bangla
27 Desh TV
28 Sangsad TV
29 Bijoy TV
30 Duronto TV
31 Diganta Tv
32 Channel 1
33 Channel 16
34 CSB News
35 Islamic TV
36 BTV World

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