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Aurthohin Band In Bangladesh

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Aurthohin Band In Bangladesh

Aurthohin Music BandAurthohin” is active band since 1998. The band’s one of the main faces is Saidus Sumon. He is familiar as “Bass Baba”. Moreover, people consider him as the best bassist of Bangladesh. Raef Al Hasan Rafa was also a member of Aurthohin. He is one of the famous musicians in Bangladesh. The most popular songs of this band are “Epitaph”, “Chaitei Paro”, “Anmone”. Moreover, “Nikrishto”, “Odvut Shei Cheleti”. They released many albums. Aurthohin Bass-Baba is the number 1 bassist in Bangladesh all band. Most importantly, he is the number 5 bassists in the world. Aurthohin is a Bangladeshi hard rock band. It is also a metal band formed in 1998. They are popular for their mix of melodic acoustic and heavy metal numbers in their albums. Although, Aurthohin formed as a rock band, they experimented progressive and groove metal. Indeed, Aurthohin is the best band in Bangladesh in 2022.

After singing with G-series, they released their studio album (Three-Dimensional) in 2000. The following album (Evolution) released in 2001. People reviewed it more and thus gained more success. The band released many popular hit songs in Bangladesh.” (That Weird Boy)”,” (My Reflections)” are the popular songs of this band. Their most successful album (Unfinished II) released in 2011. Sound drawn from a variety of musical influences. They have also won many awards especially from Channel I. Besides, Aurthohin achieved Citycell’s best band in 2008 and 2011 respectively. It is in the 2nd position in the ranking of Bangladeshi band list.

Albums Year
Trimatrik 1999–2000
Biborton 2001
Notun Diner Michile 2002
Dhrubok 2003
Band problems 2005–2008
Aushomapto 1 2008
Aushomapto 2 2011
After Aushomapto 2011–2016
Cancer er Nishikabyo 2016-Present

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